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strip_book-1-cover_front  artefacts  strip_book-1-artiststrip-book-1-maurizio_di_iorioMagnus Gjoen  strip_book_1-giulia_caira-because_the_nightstrip-book-1-silva+ceminbouke_de_vries guillermo_turell_yarur  advertisment sansovino martina spagnoli  stefania_paparelli  bernhard handick    claudio_cassano  alessandro_casagrande  newshine  fabio_costì  sonja_gutschera_&_leif_henrik_osthoff  advertisment_martina_spagnoli  advertisment_stefano_manetti  extra  filep_motwary  lionel_bensemoun-villa_lena  eric_johnson  write_and_roll_society  troia_fanzinemanuel_fanzine  manuela_martelli  plugger  wonderfur_luka  francesca_biagini  francesco_baronti-acnecolophon  strip_book#1-cover_back

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strip-book front  Editorial  Photography Martina Spagnoli   Photography Giangiacomo Pepe  Artwork anna ka  Natalia Resmini  Ray Banhoff   ray banhoff  Lavinia-Mallegni  Wonderfur-Luka  Cecilia-Ermini  contributi  Kill-your-idol-photography-Martina-Spagnoli  Advertising-graphics-anna ka

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